ASP Resources was originally create in 1997 not long after the very first release of ASP by Microsoft, it is intended as a reference on ASP, articles and example applications.

All code and content except where indicated is copyright ASP-DEv Resources (John Penfold).

This site is created using the Immediacy Content Management System, Immediacy 4.7 is a powerful toolset for creating, publishing and managing content. It has been developed for real world users to make it easier for you to produce, maintain and control a complex website in a simple manner.

Immediacy consists of a number of interlocking components:

  • Immediacy Editor – the primary tool for content contribution and editing
  • Immediacy Manager – the suite of management and administration functions
  • Immediacy Server – a set of components including server and client side applications that provide core site functionality

Together, they provide the tools you need to build a web site from the ground up, control it efficiently and easily, and to maintain the accuracy and timeliness that customers expect.

The main feature of Immediacy are :

Simple Content Creation

What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) page editing allows users to create native web content simply and quickly with no special technical expertise. Other resources, including standard Office documents can be integrated easily.

Reusable Content

Content is saved in a central repository as XML and XHTML. This allows re-purposing of content for different platforms. By separating presentation from content, content can be re-used effectively in different settings, using different templates for a different audience. It is straightforward to create a completely new visual design or style for a site or its sections without losing content.

Flexible Templates

Create simple or complex templates in the tools of your choice and simply drop them into the designated directory. Content pages may be based on blank documents or on designed templates. Changing templates re-assembles the page without altering content.

Administration and Approval

Site administrators and coordinators can assign editing, template creation and other permissions and designate approvers for specific sections of the site.


As new content is submitted and approved, existing versions are archived. Any content item may be rolled back to any previous version, selected by version number, name or date. This process may also be reversed, allowing a page to be rolled forward again to a later version.

Simple Publishing

Deployment is made simple. All managed assets may be published to a network server or a remote web server with a single button press. An XML update process synchronizes the data. Documents, images and other assets are automatically transferred. Final output may be generated in a batch e.g. to standard flat web pages, or generated dynamically on the fly.

Automatic Menu Generation

All changes to the site are automatically reflected in the generated menus.

A Scalable Solution

Using the Enterprise version a user can create and administer multiple web sites, with editing and management supporting thousands of users.